In a world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers, know the true importance of human connection...

“Bing!” You’ve received another notification—the 34th one of the day, to be exact.

Electronic interactions with people can be great. They are fast, work well with distance, and you’re able to communicate while also working on other things. All of these are fantastic. But do you ever feel there is just something missing with them? Well, you’re right!

Think about how you feel when you leave a friendly, face-to-face conversation. You probably have a smile on your face, a skip in your step, and an improved attitude for the day. Now, how about how you feel after a brief Facebook conversation? Sure, you may have a slight smile as you put your phone down, but it seems you’re just finishing a conversation with your phone, instead of with a person.

What’s missing? Well, we don’t see the same things, like body language, facial expressions, and eye contact, which can then short us on elevated feelings.

In a message, someone can say “That’s awesome.” ⬅️Notice the punctuation! Ah! Definitely showing some enthusiasm and genuine excitement, huh? Don’t get me wrong, they really could be excited. But it didn’t come through. Maybe they were in the middle of something and had to respond quickly, or maybe they had Siri send the message. Who knows? But either way, it’s lacking, yes?

You now go and tell your co-worker the same exciting news, face-to-face. Woo, she is excited! Hands in the air, smile on her face, and expression in her voice! How’s that? Noticeably more enthusiastic, with no question of how she is responding—a definite positive interaction that makes your day.

The next time you have the chance for some good ol’ face-to-face conversation, take it. Sure, it may take a little longer, but it’s worth it. You’ll appreciate it more, and so will the other human. ;) (Even though I’m a huge proponent of carrying on full conversations with my dog, too!)

Know the importance and benefits of human interaction. And, don’t just know—practice.

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