Life Doesn't Wait...

Think of your goals in life. These goals could be for your business, well-being, or anywhere in between. Now, think of what it will be like when you obtain these goals. Pretty nice, huh? And definitely motivating.

Although these feelings and scenarios are great pushes for moving you toward your goals, you can’t forget about the thing that takes place in the midst of your progress: life.

It’s like hiking. You start out with your eye on the end and that feeling of accomplishment. Or maybe you’re focused on seeing the view from the finish line. Either way, you want to get it done—and I don’t blame you!

There are two ways you can complete your hike. 1: as fast as possible, passing by everything along the path without noticing. Or 2: more slowly—still with progress, but stopping to acknowledge things along the way. Maybe it’s wildlife, or a great background for a photo. Whatever it is, you take advantage of what’s around you. After all, it’s already there, so why not?

Both ways of completing the hike get you to the same goal, but when you’re reminiscing about your adventure, which scenario would give you more to appreciate? Of course, it would be the pace at which you stopped to appreciate and enjoy your surroundings.

Often times, you see your goals and you want to reach them as fast as you can. You believe that once you are there life will really begin. Here’s the truth of the matter: life keeps going whether you are paying attention to it or not. It does not adhere to your time schedule.

With all of that being said, don’t let life slip by without noticing—without taking the time and effort to enjoy it. There is so much beauty to behold along the way to your goals and dreams—don’t miss out!

Focus on your goals, yes—there’s no harm in that. But don’t focus so much on them that you miss the beauty of the journey.

Life doesn’t wait. Enjoy the journey.

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