The Best Parts of Your Life Don’t Need to Make It to Social Media

Social media is everywhere you look, and although it can be positive and beneficial, it can affect you in negative ways.

For example: It’s break time and you do a quick (or maybe not so quick) scroll through Facebook and Instagram. Then, you see it—that ‘friend’ with THE PERFECT photo, full of happiness and flawlessness. A glance at the bottom of the photo and you see there are 234 reactions, with 81 comments, all full of ooo’s and ahh’s. Now you check back on your post—the one you didn’t filter—the one that’s real. You’ve got 27 reactions and 13 comments.

Whether you realize it or not, your attitude, thoughts, and day just shifted in a negative way. You start comparing and feeling that you aren’t good enough as you are. Right away you think of what you can post next—something that will stand out, get more reactions, and give you temporary satisfaction.

How about a different approach: U.N.P.L.U.G. Do it. Set your phone down and leave it in the other room for a while. Think about this: on average, a phone is touched over 2,500 times in a single day. And that’s just an average! Hello! That’s more times than there are minutes in a day! What about this one: on average nearly 2.5 hours are spent on social media by an individual each day. Geesh! You could be doing so much more with that time—things that bring you joy; living and loving life.

Listen, comparing rarely gives benefits; in fact, often times it just holds you back from experiencing happiness and contentment. You are enough, just as you are. You. Are. Enough. It doesn’t matter what others think—you don’t need their validation in order to be good enough; you are not defined by the number of likes you get on a post. You are who you decide. Give yourself grace and love—be real, be honest, be you, and enjoy your life without comparison. The best parts of your life don’t need to make it to social media—they just need to be enjoyed.

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