Don’t Give Doubt Center Stage in Your Life.

Doubt: a little five-letter word that can dictate your actions in life. To doubt is to question; to hesitate to believe; to fear.

If you’ve ever had a dream that you didn’t chase, you can thank doubt for that. As Suzy Kassem said, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Don’t get me wrong, failure is definitely a killer of dreams, but think about it—how many dreams have you not even attempted simply because you had doubt? Aha, now you see. Failure plays no role in something that hasn’t even been started.

You can say you’re not chasing a dream because you’re afraid of failing, which makes sense. No one likes to fail. Maybe you’re staying put because you just don’t know how to get started. This is another legitimate fear. But can I say, those fears are because you, my friend, doubt your abilities! You may not have all of the abilities needed right now, but that’s okay—just practice and learn! Stop doubting what you are capable of doing.

Doubt can be so ingrained within your mind and attitude that you’re not sure how to overcome it. Here’s some good news: you can overcome it, and I’ve found 5 great (and easy) ways to do it!

  1. First, seek encouragement by sharing your dream with others. Tell them what you want, and your plans for getting there. Not only will you have encouragement, but you’ll also have accountability.

  2. Second, keep your dream in sight—literally. One of the best ways for this is to make a vision board. This may seem silly, but it’s useful. Find quotes, images, and anything else you want that reminds you of your dream. Keep your vision board where you will see it often! You can even make something electronically and have it as your phone or laptop background. Christina (our wonderful Communication Specialist) put together some ideas just for you here:

  3. Third, give yourself daily reminders to check in with yourself. Set a few alarms to go off throughout the day so you can pause. While on pause, remind yourself of your dream, and check your progress. These are good times to make sure you’ve done something today that moves you toward your goal.

  4. Fourth, have the mindset and actions that you’ve already accomplished your dream. Starting now the things you will be doing later accelerates your progress.

  5. Fifth, find your strength and use them! Instead of focusing on what you (currently) can’t do, embrace what you can do!

  6. Lastly, (yes, I added an extra one) STOP comparing your progress to the progress of others. The rate at which you move forward doesn’t matter—just keep moving.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Don’t give doubt center stage in your life. Go, live your dream.

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