Breathe. Breathe Again. Now Leap.

Just a reminder to young entrepreneurs to remember to breathe and take leaps. It's scary, but it's so so worth it...

Fear—you know it: the anxious feeling of not knowing an outcome. Fear varies in intensity and appears in all areas of life, including the area of starting something brand new—like starting your own business.

Often, fear is looked at as a negative emotion, and is almost feared itself. It can hinder you, like ropes around your life. You say you want to stay comfortable, but you fail to realize that these ropes you’re in aren’t comfortable—you’ve just gotten used to them. Look around. Yes, there’s fear to see—uncertain outcomes. But look at the positives that can come from facing that fear. Perhaps it’s financial help, an escape from everyday demands, or an expression of who you are and the talents you possess. Those are the things to look at.

Starting a business of your own is daunting, for sure. There are so many uncertainties—the main one being the success of your business. You long to have something you’ve accomplished, something you do to contribute, something to make you feel worthy and successful. Know this: if you want it, go for it; and if you want it bad enough, you’ll do what it takes to succeed. Besides, there aren’t really failures, but stepping blocks to help you grow and learn. And who knows, your business may be even more than you imagined. Now, how do you get there when you’re still bound with ropes? You can’t. It’s time to take a look at those ropes and realize they aren’t tied. There is nothing fastening them—all you have to do is move! Even better, take a leap! Leaping will get you farther from those ropes and fully immersed in your decision.

Take skydiving for an example. You want to know what it’s like, but that fear is standing tall—blocking the view of the (amazing) outcome and experience. The ground gives you comfort, familiarity, and security. But, oh! What thrill lies above!

You decide to move toward that thrill and now you’re in the plane—the fear is setting in deep now. There’s still a chance to back out, but do you really want to? Do you want to miss out knowing you are this close? I’ll give you a hint: the answer is no. You go for it. You’re hanging from the door of the plane and see the vastness of the atmosphere around you. Breathe. Breathe again. Now leap.

It’s a blur at first with the rush, and there’s a lot of noise from the wind, but you’re all in now. After a minute, things slow down and you take in the vastness and beauty of the atmosphere around you. There’s a sense of peace and excitement and you realize that leaping was so worth it.

You did it!

The fear of starting your own business isn’t exactly like the fear of skydiving, but it gives perspective.

Those ropes you have around you—move out of them.

Breathe. Breathe again. Now leap.

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