BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal)

June 15, 2018


As I sat down one day to define my growth plan, I had to come up with a vision. For some this may be easy, but for me, this is one of the most difficult things for me to do. Not because I don't know, but because I want to do so much. I want to make a greater impact on the world than I can do so myself. This is shown with my expanding L&Co. team. The individuals that join L&Co. share the same amount of passion I do, and that's what makes us great.


But, what about for me personally? This is where it gets difficult because I hardly ever think solely about myself. Others have always come first. 


My ultimate career goal is to become a Chief of Staff. While there are several definitions, I'll try to explain.


Within a complex company, the likelihood of "cracks" is greater. People let things "fall through the cracks," not companies. Because organizations are comprised of people, cracks can appear and emerge at any given moment as people's lives change (family emergencies, illness, car accidents, hitting the lottery, hell - even a bad mood).


My goal is to focus on being aware of when and where those cracks appear and to know how to fill it in. I'd like to the thermostat by taking the time to build the trust and confidence of each person within a company and constantly read the temperature of the culture. As a right-hand, trusted partner, I would love to be in a position to advise the leadership team to turn up the heat, cool things down, and perhaps opt to oscillate the fan accordingly. 


If people are a company's greatest asset and likely one of the largest expenses (investments) that a company makes each year, what better place to focus one incremental resource than on a thermostat to monitor the soul of our talent and increase the likelihood of success?

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