Why Your “Inexperienced” Candidate May Actually Be Your Best Option

You’re just out of college or high school or even just looking for a jump start on a new career. You keep looking at the open jobs on the career sites (Monster, CareerLink, etc.). Job after job requires 5+ years of experience or a degree in related field, etc. It’s easy to become defeated in this process. You don’t have experience in property management, legal or logistics, but you know you have the passion and commitment needed for the job. But, will that be good enough?

If you have experience in the field, that’s great! If you don’t, you shouldn’t shy away from applying for the job. And, recruiters shouldn’t dismiss you just because you’ve never done it before. Do you apply for it anyway? Yes, the answer is always yes, and I’ll tell you why.

I had just moved back home from college and was making my leap into the corporate world. I was applying for positions left and right, but nothing of substance was coming my way until I applied for a local transportation company. I applied just as normally as usual and surprisingly got called in for an interview the same day. When I arrived, my nerves caught up to me. I’d never worked in an industry even remotely close to transportation or logistics. I knew nothing about this company (even after researching) or how any of it worked. I went through the interview answering a whole lot of questions with “I’ve never done the before” or “well, no, I don’t have experience in that”, and I left the interview feeling uneasy because, well, who wants to go into an interview and leave feeling inadequate about their skills? I was deflated and thinking to myself, “how am I ever going to get experience if no one hires people who aren’t “experienced”?”

Apparently, though, it turns out that what I did do well is sell my passion. I know what I do well, and I know I can learn anything that comes my way. I know I can, and most importantly, I am more than happy to learn everything I can about anything. That was my selling factor. They gave me a chance because I was essentially a sponge, and they could mold me into whatever employee they needed.

Long story short, it was the best thing for me and the company. I learned so much about that industry and about myself. I learned what I thrive in – the skills I really enjoy – and also the things I’d rather not do. So, when you are looking for candidates or if you are the applicant, remember that experience doesn’t always mean the best quality. Sure, they’ve drafted memos and built databases before. They may have even created a customer engagement training for an entire group of new hires from scratch. BUT, did they do it well for your company? Would you like the outcome? Is it built in a way that will be best received in your company? What worked for them before may not work for you.

And, most importantly, do they fit in your culture? Because the culture of your company is really the foundation, not the experience.


Laura Schneider, CAP is an Administrative Mastermind, who teams up with small business owners and solopreneurs to take care of all their “desk work” so they can focus on the parts of their business that LIGHT THEM UP. She's the administrative ying to their entrepreneurial yang.

She adores anything from social media, event coordination to client experience training and proof/editing material.

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