LauraLee & Co. is more than just your run-of-the-mill Administrative Consulting business. It's a business that is surrounded by passion. What makes L&Co. so different is the owner and her unique ability to apply creativity and passion in all aspects of her life and her business - and her desire to share this with all of you, as well. 

Raised in the Midwest, and having recently moved away from her small hometown, she still doesn't venture too far from home to find her artistic inspiration. The local diner, the rural barns, the 9-hour drive to the mountains.

She notices the lighting, the shadows, the silhouettes, the unique distinguishing angle of each image. Her current primary acrylic focus is the entertainment industry. However, you are most likely also able to find her with her camera in hand nearly every day. And, with that, she brings a different perspective to her canvas and frame.


It's a way for her to feel a creative release in life. She's passionate about life and contributing to those around her.


Here are a few of her recent projects below.