I'm a Virtual Assistant, but what do I charge?

So, you’re on your way to jumping into becoming a Virtual Assistant, but you have no idea what to charge. Am I right?


Most Virtual Assistants have no idea what to set their rates as because


  1. They don’t think they have the skills or experience to warrant high-dollar prices,

  2. They begin charging too much because go big or go home right?, or

  3. They don’t actually know how much they need or want to bring home each month to reach their target monthly income.

That’s why I created an Hourly Pricing Structure for you! It helps you work backward to determine your rates from what you need to make.

Here are some things you should know:


As a Virtual Assistant, you will be considered an Independent Contractor. This means that you are contracted to perform services for others, without having the legal status of an employee. However, this also means that you will need to handle your own taxes (and budget this in so there’s no sticker shock at the end of the year!)


Did you know that as an Independent Contractor, you’ll need to save back 30% of your gross income to pay taxes?


Some expenses that may apply to you are:


Online Expenses (Website Developing, Hosting, Email, etc.)

Operation Expenses (Internet, Utilities, Rent, Phone, etc.)

Healthcare (Self and/or Employee)

Marketing (Brochures, Business Cards, Swag, etc.)

Subscriptions (Canva, MailChimp, WordPress, Wix, etc.)


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