LauraLee & Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a Virtual Assistant?


We all have tasks that we tend to put off. There are probably tasks which remain on your to-do list week after week. We work remotely in order to reduce overheads, free up office space and minimize your wage bill. You will have more time and energy to focus on doing your job and making money. The remote services offered by LauraLee & Co. give you all the benefits of in-house support without the associated employment costs. No overheads, holiday pay or sickness pay - just experienced, expert support you know you can trust. Did you know that, on average, business owners save $60,160 per year by hiring us?


2. How can I contact you?


You can contact us in a few different ways.


3. What are your hours of operation?


My team and I can generally be reached anytime between 8 am and 5 pm CST. However, you may occasionally receive an email or phone call outside of these parameters (based on projects and workload).


4. How long have you been in business?


We have a combined career of 30+ years. In August of 2014, Laura Schneider made the jump to entrepreneurship because her passion for the administrative world grew leaps and bounds, and she committed herself to expand her world-class administrative experience well past the four walls of corporate life. She has since continued on to become a Notary for the State of Nebraska and a Certified Administrative Professional Project Manager (CAP PM) with International Association of Administrative Professionals.


5. Are there any services you don’t do?


There are in fact a few things we can’t do… yet. But we're constantly looking for ways to grow our capabilities even more. But, for now, these types of tasks are outside of our realm of availability:

  • In-Person Tasks – We work virtually but can schedule in-person services, if needed.

  • Legal or Human Resources – Outside of general contract work and administrative tasks, these are highly specialized roles which require trained professionals in those areas.

  • Full-Time Customer Support – We can handle a few outbound calls, but not inbound calls.

  • Sales – Cold calling and lead follow-up is best left to the sales team!

  • Receptionist Service – We can make and receive the occasional call, but, unfortunately, we can’t be available all day.

  • Marketing – We can help with research and basic graphic design, but we leave the marketing plan creation and execution to the pros!